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Affordable, easy-to-follow short courses and training videos can help you get started on your mental health learning or self-help journey

Click on each individual course to learn more.

Training for mental health practitioners

  • 1 hr video training (8 short sections)

  • Learn how to create systematic desensitization protocols and deliver therapy

  • Learn strategies to deliver basic psychoeducation, cognitive behavioural therapy, and nervous system downregulation strategies

  • Built client self-efficacy and connect to client values and goals

  • Learn elements of fading and grading to make your protocol truly client-centred

  • EXTRAS: Two real-world case examples of this approach in action

​For those on their own recovery journey 

  • 28-minute video self-help course (options for one video, five short videos, or audio-only format)

  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step course guide

  • Real-world, effective strategies - NOT just theory!

  • EXTRAS: Additional worksheets, info sheets, and resource lists 

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